Freeman Patterson in Vancouver, BC - January 24 & 25, 2012

27th January 2012
I had the great opportunity to travel to Vancouver and meet one of Nancy Rotenberg’s teachers, Freemen Patterson, for a 2-day workshop.

He touched on some of the themes that I’ve been considering lately. He asked us to consider why we choose the subject matter that we do and why do we photograph that in the way that we do. Our subjects and our approaches to them are a record of ourselves on our paths to self-discovery. Freeman said that he had come to notice trends in his life - most recently the prevalence of his photographing patterns. He believes these patterns or “weavings” indicated a change in his consciousness that showed integration.

He mentioned some things to consider when shooting, particularly abstracts:

  • light tones connote up, dark tones connote down
    larger connotes bottom, smaller connotes up
    tones throw their weight towards the edge (so place heavier objects away from the edges)